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      From the Director

Three weeks on from the election, it is unclear how the coalition government will fare, and what if anything the ‘new politics’ are to mean. What is clear is that we need to engage in serious debate about the problems we face and the potential for shaping a better future, and to think much bigger than the narrow parameters of party politics, new or otherwise. This year’s Battle of Ideas festival, which takes place on Saturday 30 and Sunday 31 October, is an opportunity to do just that. The programme will be announced in the summer, but highlights include a series of State of the Nation keynote sessions, plus battles over scientific evidence, medical ethics, social policy and the past.

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Claire Fox

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Voices of Freedom
3, 10, 15, 24, 29 June @ IEA, London

Join The Free Society for a series of cutting edge debates in June. Enjoy pre-event drinks. Then engage in rigorous discussion with leading writers, journalists and opinion formers. Voices of Freedom: The Battle Against Big Government is organised by The Free Society in conjunction with the Institute of Economic Affairs, Adam Smith Institute, Big Brother Watch, The Manifesto Club, Liberal Vision, Forest and Free Spirits.



War & Faith: Exploring the place of Religion in Conflict and Reconciliation
Friday 18 June @ Goodenough College, London

This conference will examine the relationship between war and faith in the past and present, particularly the extent to which religion can be seen as a cause of conflict, the religious discourses used to define the experience of war, and the ways that faith can be instrumental to reconciliation and reconstruction. For more details, see the conference webpage.



Young Journalists' Academy Summer School
@ Canary Wharf, London between Saturday 31 July and Saturday 7 August

Always wanted to be a journalist? Curious about how the media works? Then the Young Journalists’ Academy Summer School is the programme for you! Open to 16- to 18-year-old London state school pupils, this is a unique chance to learn from, and network with, some of the UK’s most prestigious journalists. Places are limited, so apply ASAP at www.yja.org.uk.









      IoI FORUMS
On Thursday 1 July, primary school teacher Jo Sedley will introduce a discussion on ‘Why do boys fail?’. Contact Jane Sandeman at parents@instituteofideas.com.
On Monday 21 June, Rachel Wolf will introduce a discussion on the Free Schools movement. Contact Mark Taylor on education@instituteofideas.com.
The next meeting will be 'On the frontline?', on Wednesday 9 June, looking at the post-election cuts in public sector employment. Contact: Martin Earnshaw.
On Tuesday 10 August, Helen Birtwistle will introduce Solar by Ian McEwan. Contact: geoffkidder@instituteofideas.com.
On Sunday 30 May, there will be a discussion around the ongoing economic crisis in Greece and what it means for Greece, Europe and the world economy. After that, the next meeting will be at 2pm Sunday 20 June, when Yimeng Liu will introduce a discussion on the realities of income distribution in China in the context of its rapid economic growth. For more details, see the Emerging Economies Forum web page. Contact: emergingeconomies@instituteofideas.com.
The next Current Affairs Forum will be taking place on Tuesday 17 June - topic to be announced. Contact: patrickhayes@instituteofideas.com.

The Salons advertised below are inspired by the Institute of Ideas and run independently by groups and individuals across the country.

On Tuesday 22 June, the topic will be 'Sport will Save Us All'. Geoff Kidder will introduce the discussion from a football perspective. The Brighton Salon's Dan Travis will argue that 'mass participation' is not all it's cracked up to be. More details at: www.thebrightonsalon.com
On Monday 7 June, Geoff Kidder, Hilary Salt and Ian Stirling will introduce a discussion on ‘Kick football out of politics: have the papers gone football mad?’ More information at: manchestersalon.org.uk
The next event will be in July. Contact: belfastsalon@hotmail.com www.belfastsalon.org
The next meeting will be on Monday 12 July - details will appear at www.leedssalon.org.uk
The next meeting will be on Tuesday 8 June, when James Heartfield will argue that Britain needs five million new homes in the next ten years. For more details, see www.birminghamsalon.org
The next East Midlands Salon will be held on Tuesday 22 June in Nottingham, when communications expert Dr Norman Lewis will address the question 'Expanding Communication, Expanding Freedom?' For more details, contact Dennis Hayes on d.hayes@derby.ac.uk or visit the event site on Facebook.


Thursday 3 June: Claire Fox will give a peer to peer lunchtime talk on trust for Eloqui Public Relations in London.

Thursday 10 June: Claire Fox will give a ‘Thought for the Day’ breakfast speech for Editorial Intelligence. Other speakers include celebrity agent Jonathan Shalit and Simon Lewis, Gordon Brown’s former director of Communications, now strategic communications adviser at UK Trade & Investment.

Saturday 12 June: Tony Gilland will be on a panel discussing ‘Neuroscience and Mental Health: What’s hot and what’s not?’ at King’s College London. Other speakers include Professor Clive Ballard, Wolfson Institute for Aging, Virginia Ironside, journalist and agony aunt, and Professor Colin Blakemore, University of Oxford, with Professor Simon Wessely chairing.

Tuesday June 15: As part of Voices for Freedom, Claire Fox will chair a Free Society and Adam Smith Institute debate on ‘Can a Big Society be a Free Society? Power or persuasion: what’s the big idea?’. Speakers include Dr Eamonn Butler (director, Adam Smith Institute), Tim Evans (chairman, Libertarian Alliance), and Heather Brooke (freedom of information campaigner)

Saturday 19 June: Dolan Cummings will be on a panel discussing ‘the politics of distance’ as part of DISTANCE, an arts festival exploring how we communicate, negotiate and perform over distance.

Wednesday 23 June: Tiffany Jenkins will be chairing the James Beck Memorial Lecture at the Society of Antiquaries of London, Piccadilly, 6.30pm. Professor Hellmut Wohl will discuss ‘The Integrity of the Work of Art’.



Claire Fox will be a panellist in BBC Radio 4’s Moral Maze at 8pm every Wednesday in June.




Huggable, cuddly voters, by Angus Kennedy, Culture Wars, 29 April 2010

After the Iron Curtain, the Cultural Curtain, by Patrick Hayes, spiked, 5 May 2010

Glee: camp, fun, won’t change the world, by David Bowden, spiked, 7 May 2010

Zivilisation: mehr als nur schöne Kultur, by Angus Kennedy, NOVO Argumente Heft 106, 7 May 2010

Tiffany Jenkins: Serious job of joking about taboo topics, by Tiffany Jenkins, Scotsman, 7 May 2010

Unscientific voters?, by Angus Kennedy, Culture Wars, 13 May 2010

‘Yes we Lacan’: the revolt of philosophy students, by Patrick Hayes, spiked, 13 May 2010

Junior Apprentice: taking yoof seriously, by David Bowden, spiked, 14 May 2010

Sisters should be doing it for themselves, by Tiffany Jenkins, Scotsman, 15 May 2010

Want to travel abroad? Computer says ‘No’, by Patrick Hayes, spiked, 20 May 2010

Taking refuge in a mythologised 1980s, by David Bowden, spiked, 21 May 2010

Prohibition, one binge drinker at a time, by Patrick Hayes, spiked, 26 May 2010

Appealing to our teenage inner boy, by David Bowden, spiked 27 May 2010

    June's highlights included the continuation of the CW election blog into the post-election period, with pieces on the 'new politics' and the politics of aspiration, science, justice, social care and arts funding.  

The Debating Matters National Final 2010 takes place on 3-4 July at the prestigious Royal Society of Medicine in central London. The two and a half day event sees eight schools from across the UK – from an original intake of 192 in the autumn of 2009 – competing for the title of 2010 Winners.

As well as taking part in some hard fought debates across the weekend, students will also be enjoying an exciting extra-curricular programme that includes expert witness seminars, an inspiration debate, an Institute of Ideas ‘Question Time’ debate chaired by Claire Fox, with some World Cup matches squeezed in there somewhere too! See the programme of the event.

The full list of National Final debate motions have just been published, together with their accompanying Topic Guides – Debating Matters’ acclaimed resources for schools:

Opening Round 1, Trial by Jury:
“Trial by jury is the best guarantor of justice”

Opening Round 2, Developing Countries & Clinical Trials:
“Clinical trials in developing countries are exploitative”

Semi-Final 1, Secularism:
“A secular society should not prevent people acting on their religious beliefs”

Semi-Final 2, Cultural Artefacts:
“Western museums should agree to requests to repatriate cultural artefacts”

Final, Genetic Screening:
“Genetic screening of embryos should be celebrated, not feared”

If you would like to be part of the audience at the National Final, which is free and open to all (subject to limited seat availability), please contact Abigail Ross-Jackson on 020 7269 9229 or abigailrossjackson@instituteofideas.com.






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