There are a number of salons inspired by the Academy of Ideas. The salons meet regularly, often monthly, to discuss issues relating to their particular area of interest. To find out more about any of these, please see the listing below.

Birmingham Salon

A public forum for debate where ideas are vigorously scrutinised and no topic is off limits.


Dublin Salon

The Salons in 17th and 18th century France were the cradle of the Enlightenment, where engaged and serious men and women convened to discuss and argue about the future of their societies and of humanity more broadly. The Dublin Salon has been set up to uphold that tradition of free-spirited inquiry and unfettered intellectual curiosity.


East Midlands Salon

The idea of a Salon was developed in seventeenth- and eighteenth-century France. Typically they were created and organised by the aristocratic ladies, to hear the ideas of the great thinkers of the time, to debate their meaning, for entertainment, because they believed ideas were important and because they wanted to know where the world was going, and of course to flirt.


Leeds Salon

The Leeds Salon is a discussion group founded in early 2009 by Michele Ledda and Paul Thomas, inspired by similar initiatives they had attended and, in particular, their participation in the Academy of Ideas sixth-form Debating Matters competition.


Liverpool Salon

The Liverpool Salon is a new forum for debate on Merseyside. Part of a global network, based in cities as far afield as Manchester, Leeds, Sheffield, London, New York and Zurich, the Liverpool Salon fosters thought-provoking, critical conversations around contemporary issues in welcoming and convivial surroundings.


Manchester Salon

The Salon organises discussions that happily move from a problematic or tricky topic in current affairs one month, through to a morally difficult subject of scientific research the next, followed by unpicking the tensions between the arts and the demands of policy wonks. There’s no interesting subject the Manchester Salon won’t consider.


New York Salon

Today intellectual life seems to end with college graduation. Political discussion in the ‘real’ world is pragmatic and focused on narrow policy questions. When debate touches on matters of value and principle, it tends to degenerate into name-calling and mutual vilification. The NY Salon aims to provide a distinct environment where ideas are robustly debated.


Sheffield Salon

Who are the thinkers of our time? What are the ideas that matter? What do we really value?

Founded in September 2011, Sheffield Salon is part of a small but growing movement that seeks answers to these questions. We see public discussion as an end in itself, engaging the widest audience in issues of the day, striving to create a public space to explore contemporary ideas.


Zurich Salon

The Zurich Salon provides a public space to explore differences of opinion and levels of agreement on the most contentious issues of our time.


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