Friday 10 July 2015, Rossa Minogue

Whose social justice is it anyway?

Podcast: a debate from the Academy's "Justice Money Power" series at the City of London Festival

2015 marks the deadline of the Millennium Development Goals. 25 years on from the publication of the UN’s first Human Development Report, attitudes towards social justice have changed profoundly. Where once it was simply hoped that economic growth could deliver justice for the world’s poor, increasingly development and aid focuses on enhancing capability and reducing inequality. Would developing countries benefit from more trade than aid, and let themselves decide how best to deliver social justice?


Daniel Ben-Ami
financial journalist; author, Ferraris For All

Lord Paul Boateng
former British High Commissioner to South Africa

Professor Henrietta L Moore
director, UCL Institute for Global Prosperity

Gonzalo Viña
editor, Disclaimer Magazine

Joel Cohen

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