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Appearance Sunday 27 April 2014


Claire Fox will be a guest on BBC World Service Weekend programme on Sunday 27 April. READ MORE

Appearance Tuesday 22 April 2014

Is Culture Good For You?

The New Culture Forum hosts a talk by Angus Kennedy on his new book, Being Cultured: In Defence of Discrimination. In his book, Angus Kennedy asks if this explosion of culture, and the breaking down of distinctions between high and low culture, has emancipated us or left us adrift without cultural moorings. Is it true that all cultures are equal? Is cultural diversity a good thing? Is it unacceptably elitist to insist on the highest standards of judgment? To argue that some cultural works stand the test of time and some don't? Might it even be the case that culture no longer actually means anything much to us? That our nervousness about exercising discrimination and good taste, and the erosion of cultural authority, might have left us with a culture that may be open to all, but lacking in depth? READ MORE

Appearance Tuesday 8 April 2014

What exactly is innovation?

Claire Fox is speaking on a panel organised by the Publishers' Association at the London Book Fair, Earl’s Court.

What exactly is innovation? How well are publishers doing it? And who from beyond the world of publishing are they working with to make it happen? This seminar will explore these questions with thought-leaders from think-tanks, the games industry and publishing. READ MORE

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