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Is Europe bad for business?

6:30pm, Tuesday 7 July 2015, CNBC Studio, Fleet Place, 2 More London Riverside, London, EC4M 7QS

Part of the Justice, Money and Power series at the City of London Festival 2015.

With the rise of UKIP, and a Conservative promise of a referendum on EU membership, fears have grown in recent years of the prospect of ‘Brexit.’ Business leaders and Europhiles frequently warn of economic catastrophe outside the EU, yet the travails of the Eurozone crisis has dampened enthusiasm for an ‘ever closer Union.’ Would an independent UK be able to survive outside the EU? Is Europe as we know it already doomed? Or has it proven itself capable of weathering the crisis?


Matthew Elliott
chief executive, Business for Britain

Philippe Legrain
economist; author, European Spring

Allie Renison
head of EU & trade policy, Institute of Directors

Rob Killick
CEO, Clerkswell; economics blogger

Simon Nixon
chief European commentator, Wall Street Journal

Wilfred Frost