Tuesday 24 June 2014, Rob Lyons

My DM Journey

This month, Debating Matters is launching an exciting new contest open to all participants in the competition

My DM Journey challenges our competitors to make a short film about their experiences in the competition.

Until recently anyone who wanted to make a short film would need a lot of expensive equipment and a high level of technical expertise to pull it off. Today, smartphones and easy-to-use editing programmes mean that anyone with a good idea can create something really compelling.

One example of what can be done with smartphones is the iPhone film festival, which is now in its fourth year. Their website showcases some of the marvellous films that people have created with just a spark of creativity and a smartphone.

We want My DM Journey to showcase all that is great about the Debating Matters competition and no one is better placed than the competitors to tell that story. We want the short films to show the passion for argument, challenging ideas and substance that Debating Matters is famous for. So if you’re a Debating Matter competitor who fancies yourself as the next Spielberg, or even if you just want to add an extra dimension to your Debating Matters experience. why not have a go? We can’t wait to see what you come up with.


Upload your video to your own YouTube account with the title My DM Journey 2014/2015.

For the Qualifying rounds the video contest launches in mid-August and entries must be submitted by December 31st 2014.

Send an email containing a link to your video to with the subject line My DM Journey 2014/2015.

The email should also contain your name, the name of your school and the names of your teammates who helped produce the video.

By entering the competition, you are giving Debating Matters permission to embed your video on the DM website if shortlisted and use all or part of your video in future promotional videos.

Once all entries are in, our judges will decide on a shortlist. The videos that make the shortlist will be posted on the Debating Matters website. The overall winner and runner up will be chosen from those shortlisted.


Videos should be 2-3 minutes long, and no longer.

Be creative; don’t be afraid to use music, graphics and animation.

Your video can be in any style or genre you choose.

The video may be just you speaking to camera in your room, or it could use actual footage from the debates you participated in, you could do a humorous skit of your DM experiences.  It could be an animation or incorporate elements of animation.

We understand that most videos will be shot on camera phones but you should still strive to have the best technical standards possible. Aim to have good sound and picture quality, steady framing, etc, but as with all things Debating Matters, great content is what will ultimately be rewarded.





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