Thursday 21 December 2017, Rob Lyons

Do you trust the media?

Listen to the debate at the Battle of Ideas 2017.

Who can journalists trust out of the overwhelming selection of competing interests to act as reliable sources? Can anyone play the role of the ‘honest broker’? How can the public untangle dubious, pseudo-scientific advice and dodgy stats from facts and truth? How can we know whether journalism, particularly reporting on complex issues or assessing notoriously difficult ideas such as risk, is accurate? Should we accept that it is our responsibility as citizens to check the facts for ourselves or should we demand that the media improve its handling of statistics and data?


Dr Graeme Archer
writer & professional statistician; winner, 2011 Orwell Prize for blogging

Vance Crowe
director of Millennial Engagement, Monsanto Company

Alan Miller
chairman, Night Time Industries Association (NTIA); leading campaigner, #SaveNightlife

Fay Schlesinger
head of news, The Times

Ceri Thomas
ex-editor, BBC Radio 4’s Today & BBC Panorama; director, public affairs, Oxford University

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